Learn More About Becoming A LRSW World Tour Ambassador

Ambassador Host Benefits

I am starting a movement for everyone to gain the opportunity to Live Rich and Spread Wealth®, and our company is seeking global game-changers to support this conscious, dedicated effort that is a win-win for everyone who chooses IN.

We are seeking Ambassador Hosts who will be our valued and trusted partner in imprinting the Live Rich.Spread Wealth across the nation and around the globe.

The benefits of being an Ambassador Host are simply fabulous.  We’ve created an impressive package for you that involves incentives and enhancements that we hope will entice you to join us in the movement and host a Workshop in your city.

Benefits to Ambassador Hosts:

1. Revenue share on all tickets sold (100%) and the Planet Abundance program (20%).

Imagine:  20 attendees @ $50 per ticket = $1000 in Ambassador Host Commissions!

Imagine:  2 out of 20 attendees purchase Planet Abundance @ $5000 per class = $2000 in Ambassador Host Commissions!

2. You receive a private Soul Purpose Consultation Session with Melissa Hughes ($2000 value)

3. Marketing campaign materials to support your hosted event

4. Web Site to send your attendees to

5. Social media that touts you as an Ambassador Host

6. Swipe copy to use in marketing efforts

7. Logistics blueprint to collect RSVPs and payments

8. No out-of-pocket expenses for travel by Melissa Hughes (United States only) – we cover it!

9. Supporting the concept of Live Rich. Spread Wealth in your community, supporting your Thought Leadership value.

10. Testimonials that enhance your brand image in your business

To maximize your benefits, we require the following:

  1. Willingness to market the Live Rich.Spread Wealth World Tour by promoting via email, in-person and social media (you will receive a marketing package to support you with this)
  2. Minimum of 15 paid Workshop attendees registered
  3. We highly suggest obtaining a venue that is free or low-cost; Ambassador Hosts are responsible for venue obtainment and logistics
  4. Lunch or snacks will be on Workshop participant’s own; however it is suggested that Ambassador Hosts provide sponsored refreshments.

It would be our privilege to partner with you on spreading the message of abundance across the globe – as a Live Rich.Spread Wealth® Ambassador Host, you are an integral part of the movement.  We are thrilled that you are considering being an Ambassador Host.

To submit your interest, please visit Ambassador Host Application.