From Melissa Hughes, The Guru of Implementation®

Welcome to Live Rich. Spread Wealth®, a movement all about creating a life filled with abundance, freedom, and giving service… where your days are filled with celebration, fun, confident decisions, and an unapologetic approach to monetizing your ideas.

You CAN build the life you deserve … and it all begins with knowing where you ARE so you can move to what you really want – in all aspects of your life.

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Join me for the Live. Rich. Spread Wealth World Tour!

In 2013, we kicked off the World Tour in my hometown of Detroit.

We then traveled to Honolulu, San Diego, Dallas, and the Caribbean!
And 2014 takes us to Dubai, New Delhi, Moscow, Bermuda, Atlanta, Toronto, AND BEYOND!

Want more information on how to join me on my World Tour in your favorite city? Just fill out the form below:


Any of the stops on this powerful World Tour may be a great place for you if you:

  • Are tired of playing small, and are ready to turn up the frequency of what’s possible in your life and your business
  • KNOW you’re here to live a Purpose (with a capital P) but aren’t sure exactly what that is – or how to best spread your message
  • Have powerful, life-changing ideas but aren’t sure how to actually make a living off them
  • Have experienced some success, but are chomping at the bit to leverage your resources and spread your message (and build your abundance) in an even bigger way
  • Want to become a global game-changer … but aren’t sure exactly how to do that

If any of this sounds familiar, I’d so love to see you at one of my stops on the Live Rich. Spread Wealth World Tour!

Fill in your name and email address here, and I’ll send you all the details!


We live in a world where people have forgotten about the possibilities available to them. People who live and work … the hard way. People who are seeking their sole to soul purpose and once upon a time dreamed of turning their visions into something bigger than themselves.

In many cases, those dreams and visions get pushed aside as people struggle to make ends meet, to check off all the items on their to-do lists, and work so very hard to “make it.”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You CAN live abundantly … whether that means generating personal abundance or finding new, powerful ways to use your abundance to serve your community and the world.

I’ve coached thousands of people to continuous abundance, and now, I’m sharing my secrets with you on the Live Rich. Spread Wealth World Tour.

But before I give you the details, let me tell you a bit more about who I am and why I’m qualified to help you. I’m Melissa Hughes, known as The Guru of Implementation, and CEO and Founder of the Live Rich Spread Wealth Movement and Company.

At the age of 31, I earned my first million dollars, and have earned a 6-figure income every single year since 1990 while consistently increasing my income and growing my business annually.

I haven’t always lived in abundance, though. My parents moved to the U.S. from Jamaica before I was born, so my 3 sisters and I could have a better life.  We struggled financially, and I got my first job – a paper route – in New Jersey when I was 10 years old. I was always conscientious about contributing financially to our household income.

Even as a child, I recognized the difference between earning money to make an income and earning money to make a difference. I resolved to lead a life of abundance that would allow me to Live Rich and Spread Wealth.

Over time, I developed a formula that changed every aspect of life – and my bank account.

Now I play on the world stage, work with incredible people, travel all over the world, contribute to causes about which I’m passionate, write books and create incredible programs.

In fact, I used my formula to start a membership-based spa that earned me my first million. And I’ve taught the same formula to hundreds of my coaching clients; hence, the moniker, The Guru of Implementation®.

Now, I want to share that formula with you. When you attend one of the stops on my Live Rich. Spread Wealth World Tour, you:

  • Access a Master Business Coach who honors not only your business needs, but your life needs as well, in a format that is way more personal than anything you can experience on the internet only
  • Create a connection point of heart-centered professionals in your local community, building a source of support even after the tour ends
  • Share stories of triumph and challenge, and discover the path to transforming into the resilient, successful human you are capable of being
  • Receive the actual Live Rich Spread Wealth® method, and additional processes and formulas necessary to move into your soul work and sole purpose
  • And more.

In short, you discover powerful systems, strategies and resources designed to help you begin building a life of continuous, flowing abundance.

If you’ve ever joined me for a training, you know I always over deliver, and you’ll definitely want to pop in to one of these stops on my World Tour.

Want to learn more and purchase your ticket? Just fill in your name and email address below and I’ll send you the details!